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25 May 2011 @ 07:01 pm
Two Different Worlds (Chapter 3)  
Title: Two Different Worlds
Author: seriin1226
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Yamada Ryosuke X OC (Michou Makoto)
Summary: Michou was a popular teen popstar, and wanted her life to be normal... until she had an accident,and had an amnesia and met a guy named Yamada Ryosuke, and suddenly fell in love with him, Yamada Ryosuke is a handsome also have some features of a typical popstar, but he don't want to be a popstar,and really hates people in showbiz world...

Yamada’s POV

“Your not doing anything right!” the coach yelled at me.

“You run like a snail! That’s not the teammate we needed here!” he added

“I’m sorry coach.” That’s the only thing that I can say to him.

“Sorry? What if we lose because of you. I don’t know why your still here.” said one of my teammate. I bowed down in embarrassment.

“Training is over. And I want you, to be ready for tomorrow, if you didn’t improve you will be out got it?” the coach said to me and I nodded and they all leave the gym.

I sat on the bench and sighed.

“So, you want me to help you?” I looked up and saw one of my teammates looking at me in pity.

“Look, I know you think I’m a know-less in basketball type person, but I don’t want to trouble you at all.” I said

“Troubling me? Dude, I’m just here to help you, besides, we are team we should work together.” He patted my shoulder.

“Thanks but…” I looked at my watch. “Oh shoot, I have to get home, I have to cook dinner, my parents not home.” I said in rush I stood up and pack my things.

“Okay. Well Good luck for tomorrow.” He said I smiled and return home.

As I’m near to our house I can smell something burning and it’s coming right from our house.

I ran as fast as I could and look inside and headed in the kitchen and saw Kenbo-chan messing up in the kitchen

“What are you doing?” I asked as I low-fire the stove

“I’m cooking” she said I looked at her and she is really messy.

“Is this what you call cooking? You could have put the whole place into fire!!” I higher my tone “Well you don’t have to be mad, The house is still fine” she said

I sighed “Why are you so late anyway?” she asked

“Something happened. Hey and what are you cooking?” I looked inside the pot and saw burnt meat. She immediately closed the lid

“It’s not cook yet.” She laugh a little, I raised my eyebrow on her.

“Okay, I burnt it.” She had deep breathe. “What’s the big deal? It’s food? Just like you said in that Strawberry ice cream. What difference does it make?” she sounded guilty.

I get cleaning utensils and started cleaning the kitchen. She helped me.

As soon as we finished cleaning and threw away the burnt meat.

She looked at me I kinda felt uncomfortable “What are you looking at?” I asked her

“You look down, did something happened?” she asked

“Nothing.” I stood up and put back all the cleaning utensils she followed me.

“That’s impossible!” she leaned on the kitchen door and crossed her arms

I looked at her and I gave in “Okay, I got a warning from the coach.”

“What kind of warning?” she asked

“Well, if I didn’t get better in my basket ball, I’ll be out on the team.” I explained

“What?!!!” she sounded pretty shocked “He can’t do that!!!!!!”

“Why not?” I asked

“Because you love basketball!!!!” she exaggeratedly said

“But I-“ she cut off my sentence “Let me help you play basketball, and you will help me with cooking.”

“But you’re a girl, you don’t know how to play.” I scoffed, she glared at me.

“Well, just because I’m a girl that means I don’t know basketball?” she retorted

“Oh~kay, then give it your best shot. “ I said

She went outside I followed her.

“I don’t have any ball. I lost it.” I said, “Then what’s this?” she picked up a ball on the floor.

“That’s a soccer ball.” I answered

“Well, it’s still a ball.” She said as she tried to shoot the ball into the ring and

“SCORE!” she exclaimed

“That’s three points!” she stick out her tongue to me. I was shocked

“That isn’t fair!” I said as I picked up the ball and tried to shoot.

“MISSED!” she laughed I tried again and I scored

“Aha! See!!” I stick out my tongue, she picked up the ball “Let’s see if you can get this ball in my hands.” She winked and started running

I scratched my nose and tried to chase her, it is really hard to get the ball from her and she tried a shot and…

“SCORE!!!again….” she smirked

I sighed “See, I can’t even get the ball from a girl’s hand!”

She chuckled “Keep in focus on the ball, don’t bother much about the people around you, and most especially Team work… “she patted my shoulder.

“Teach me how to cook next ne!” she beamed I laughed “Okay okay I will” and we get back into the house.

Makoto/Kenbo’s POV


I went to school first earlier than Yama-chan because he needs something to do early in the morning, which is none of my business.

As I walk to the school grounds towards the entrance door, I can feel someone following me.

I turned around but saw nothing. And I continue to walk, as soon as I reach the entrance door I saw a reflection behind me, I turned around

“Why are you following me?!” I yelled and I noticed it was a boy who studies in the same school as mine.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I thought you’re a some kind of species.” I laughed in embarrassment.

“I-It’s okay.” His voice is trembling

“Is something wrong? Did scare you?” I asked and noticed there was an envelope held in his hands.

“What’s that?” I pointed at the envelope, he blushed and he hid it on his back

“No-Nothing.” He said

“Okay, What’s your name?” I asked

“Ta-Takanga K-Kuro.. I’m in the same classroom as yours” He answered

“Oh, I’m sorry, well it is , Nice to meet you, I’m….”

“Kenbo-chan” He continued

“Oh, I guess you knowme.” I smiled at him

“Yo~” said a boy who just arrived.

“Fujita-san” said Takanaga Kuro to the boy

“So you have the courage now huh?” the so-called Fujita patted Takanaga’s shoulder

“Goodluck man.” He said and winked at me and entered in the school.

“What was he talking about?” I asked to Takanaga

“Oh, he is just being silly you know.” He laughed and I nodded “Hey, umm, your Yamada’s friend?” he suddenly asked

“His family took care of me, so I think of him as my brother.” I replied.

He sighed “Thank god” he murmured

“Why?” I asked “Ah! Iyaaa!! Betsuni!!! Thank you for talking to me Kenbo-chan, I’ll be going now” he said and quickly entered the school.

“That was weird?” I tilted my head and entered the school.

Yamada’s POV

I let Kenbo-chan go into school by herself , again?

I picked up the soccer ball on the ground, and tried to shoot hoops, and I missed. I tried and tried I missed again.

“I hate it!” I threw the soccer ball away and sat on the floor, I look hardly on the ground.

“This isn’t what I wanted!” I said to myself.

“Yama-chan?” I looked up and saw my mother.


“So what is it that you don’t want?” she asked and sat beside me.

“So you overheard what I said huh?” I forcedly smiled

“You can tell me, I’m your mother.” She said

“I- I don’t want to play basketball anymore…”I said “It’s just, it isn’t me Kaa-chan.”

“Then what do you want?” she asked

“I want to play soccer.” I sighed

“Then why not play the sport that you like?”

“It’s not easy, Mostly everyone wants me to join the basketball team.” I said

“But that isn’t what you wanted right?”

I began to be speechless

“Follow your heart on which things you like ne~” she said. “If they are your real friends, they should accept your interests.”

“You think they will accept me?” I looked at kaa-chan

“I’m sure they would, We have our own ways, and I like my Yama-chan to do the things he likes.” She hugged me and I hugged back.

“Thank you Kaa-chan” I said

Makoto/Kenbo’s POV

Where is he?

Did something happened to him?

I can’t stay still on my seat, I felt like I’m bugged especially Yama-chan is not here.

He is completely late!

“Kenbo-san” I snapped out as the teacher called me.


“Can you tell everybody what is your likes and dislikes?” sensei asked

“Uhh, My dislike is I can’t cook.” Everyone laughed

“And your likes?”

I think clearly. What are my likes?! Think Kenbo-chan , THINK!


“Yama-chaaaann!!” fangirls screaming all over the classroom

I looked up and saw Yama-chan I smiled

Why do I felt happy seeing him? I always see him in his house.

I shrugged it off.

“Okay, the tardy Yamada Ryosuke, could you explain why you are late?” sensei asked to him

“I’ve done something important.” He answered

“Like what?”

“By doing something I like.”

“Well, since it’s our topic today, sit down and listen.” Sensei exclaimed

“Gomenasai.”He said and took his seat, I sat down also, the teacher completely forgot about me.

“Why are you so late?” I whispered to Yama-chan and I saw a love letter on his hands, is that from Takanga? Wait he is a boy! Can’t be.

“I need to do what I like.” He said

“What?!” I said in shock, everyone looked at us.

“Is there any problem Kenbo-san?” sensei asked

I shook my head “Sorry.” And the teacher continue his discussion

~After Class~

I’m gonna go home alone again, I knew it, Yamada has some practice, wait he I felt something is bugging him!!!

This can’t be happening I need to know what it is.

I ran up onto the gym and saw only Yama-chan and the guy seems so familiar before, Oh yeah! The Takanga one, I hide behind the nearest door.

“Yama-chan why are you quitting now?” said the boy.

“Basketball is not my passion.” Yamada said while packing his things, and clearing out his locker.

“Then that means, I will quit too!” said the boy

“What?” Yama-chan asked confusedly

“The only reason I joined basketball it’s because of you.” he said

I was in shock

Is he gay?!

“What are you talking about?” Yamada asked

“You have been my idol, you are really a great example to admire on!” takanaga said

Phew I though he was…….

“I’m actually a…..”

“GAAAYYYY??!!!!”I said loudly.

“Kenbo-chan?” Yama-chan said

“Sorry! I didn’t mean to interrupt” I was about to go.

“Chotto matte, I’m sorry Kenbo-chan.” I wasn’t listening I quickly ran outside and went to the river side with no much people visiting

“Oh myyyy!!!! I can’t believe ittttttt~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed

“You know it’s rude to wake up the neighbors.” I looked around and saw the old man again

“You again?” I said he smirked and came closer beside me.

“Don’t you remember anything?”

“Remember what?” I asked

“Look in front of you and tell me what you see” he said

And I did.

“I see a river.” I answered I kinda remember something

I felt like my head is hurting.

“Itaaii..” I screamed in pain, My vision is blurry and It’s like I can remember something.

And suddenly the pain stopped.

I took a deep breathe and I fell on the floor

“Now, what do you remember?” he asked once more.

“Are you crazy? I was in pain that’s what I remember!” I growled.

He sighed “Your not focused, Don’t you really want to know who you are?”

“Who are you?!”

He just smiled “You will know the answer if you remember all of it.” And he walked and fade away. “Wait!” I cried but it’s too late

“Kenbo-chan” I saw Yamada and Takanaga running towards me.

“Ya-Yama-chan” I said

“What are you thinking running away?! Good thing people saw you where you went” Yamada said.

“I’m sorry about earlier.” Said Takanaga “I am not actually gay, I am a fan of your brother, sorry if you misunderstood what I said.”

“What about that love letter Yama-chan was holding it was from you right?” I said

“Oh, that’s from my little sister, she asked me to give it to him.” He scratched the back of his head and laughed.

“Oh,” I said and I knelt down on my knees

“Please forgive me, I suspected you are gay!” I bowed down

“Hey get up from there..” said Yamada

I stood up. “Really sorry!”

“It’s okay!” Takanaga said he smiled

“Horaaa!! I can sense something here!” Yamada said

“Nani?” I asked

“Betsuni!” he stuck out his tongue

“Yada! Your thinking something ne~!!!” I said as I messed up his hair

“Hey hey! Watch the hair!” he said and he messed my hair back

“Maybe you’re the gay one Yama-chan your picking up a girl!” I teased

“Well, as they said, Pick someone with the same gender.” He joked

We all caught silence

“Seriously?” Takanaga became serious and asked.

We looked at each other. And laughed.