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22 May 2011 @ 11:47 am
Two Different Worlds (Chapter 1)  
Title:  Two Different Worlds
Author: seriin1226
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Yamada Ryosuke X OC (Michou Makoto)
Summary: Michou was a popular teen popstar, and wanted her life to be normal... until she had an accident,and had an amnesia and met a guy named Yamada Ryosuke, and suddenly fell in love with him, Yamada Ryosuke is a handsome also have some features of a typical popstar, but he don't want to be a popstar,and really hates people in showbiz world...

Michou POV

My name is Michou Makoto, it means Mi- Beautiful Chou- Butterfly Makoto-Sincerity. I am 16 years of age, and a young pop star, i started showbiz when i was 6 Mom sent an application on an agency, and i got in.

Then that's how my life was ruined.

You know why?

Because my friends treat me different, and it's hard to pick who your real friends are, because some might just get friends with me just because of popularity.

And i hate those kind of things.

My butler, Muroki, he is my only true best friend and been like my second father ever since my real father left us and went into another girl when i was a baby, i don't know what he looks like since mother don't want me to know anything about him and i respect that.

My story continues here,

I was walking with my butler,

"What is my next schedule?"i asked

"You have an interview on some show called-"

"Okay i'll get ready!"i dashed through my closet after i get change and everything i ran through the limousine, with some paparazzi's and fans following me.

I got inside the limousine safe,thank goodness! and then onto the interview,

You know what sucks about interviews?

They ask you some silly questions and private stuffs and you have to answer as nice as you can to keep your star image, and what i hate about it,


They are just some plastics jerks just to look good on TV! and bunch of liars!

Okay calm down Michou, there is no point of getting angry to them,they are just doing there job just like what i do.

On the interview,it was going smooth at first until..

"So Makoto-san, Have you ever dated someone that is in showbiz?"the interviewer asked.

"Not yet" i answered

"Not yet? So you have a plan?"she asked the audience are murmuring, like the hell! of course i would say "YES!" i need love in my life you know?!

"Um, maybe, but not now, i'm still young and i need to focus on my career first"i put up a smile

"Well you're right, but i was just wondering, if you have a crush on showbiz? it's impossible if you don't have"she said, okay i want to put a large mask on her face! i'm getting irritated on her face.

"Um, Se-Seto Koji"i answered, 'BAAMM!!' okay my end is here! i wanted to run through the exit door and i will just trap myself in my own room,or get hit by a large truck. The whole universe knew who my biggest crush is. His fan girls will hate me or it might be the cause of my death.

"Seto Koji? Wow! You like him, he guested here once"she bragged, like i care!

"Oh, "i smiled and look at the audience it's like there eyes are focused on me with some threatening horror!

The whole interview was a complete terror! They even asked what Brand of underwear i am usually using. Are they that perverted jerks!? I will blame this show if my underwear were stolen!

I sly down on a couch and closed my eyes

"Makoto-sama,Makoto-sama"i opened my eyes gently and saw my butler waking me up

I groaned "Did i slept?"i said without myself

"Sorta, But it's okay, i know you are really tired, but we have to go, you have a dinner with the prime minister tonight,it will be a long travel"he said and he helped me to stand up and we got into the car and he get into a another car, i don't get it. Why do i have to be only here in the car, it gets really boring.!

The driver now started to drive.

And me i am updating my blog on my phone, i don't understand why does a star needed it's own blog! They said it will raise your popularity even more! Mom said i should make one and i did.

"Um, Makoto-sama, your other phone is ringing" said the driver

"Huh,okay i'll just call that one later after i finished my blog" i said and he nodded.

After hour it's already 7:00 PM the driver stopped at a shop

"Makoto-san, i'll just take a break first.you want anything? I can get you some"he said i shook my head and he nodded and stepped out of the car.


Makoto suddenly remembered she have to call someone, she took the phone on the storage and she accidentally hit the shift knob and the car suddenly moved north and it was about to hit the river,the driver didn't noticed and Makoto tried to get out of the car and she opened the door and jumped right out and landed on the river.

She lost out of concious.

Yamada POV

My name is Yamada Ryosuke,17 years of age, live in a normal place, normal family, and normal life,and i cherish all of the things around me, but god didn't gave me the wealth. But it's okay as long as my parents are there and love me.

Many girls are courting on me, but there are so many guys out there are very rich and very handsome than me.

My mom also wanted me to try showbiz but i don't want, i want to study. And she respected my decision.

One day, i was out to get fish for us to sell, when i saw a girl lying on the near ocean seems she's not into herself i ran up to her quickly to help her.

I check her pulse and check if she is breathing. She's still alive

I immediately carry her to my house for my parents to heal her.

She caught many bruises and have high fever.

I kept on staring at her, she is very beautiful, nothing alike, first time i have seen a beautiful girl like this.

My father asked me to take care of her.When they were out for some occasion.

I sat beside her all the time. And suddenly her eyes are trying to open at last, i don't know what to do.

"Err, "she opened her eyes and explore her surroundings she tried to sat and i helped her.

"Where am i?"she asked

"Your on my house, My name is Yamada Ryosuke, nice to meet you!"i said "And you?"i asked

"I-I don't remember"she said forcing herself to remember something.

"Eh, even your name? Where you came from?"i asked

"No,"she shook her head "All i remember is that, i was swimming"

"Swimming?"i repeated and looked at her akwardly

"I don't know" she sighed

"It's okay, you can stay here for awhile until you remember all."i said she looked at me.

"Thank you"she said warmly.

I blushed "No worries" i scratched my head at the back and laughed a little .

Hope you enjoy this Chapter! I already post this on my quizilla account.. but i wanna share it here..xDD WEEEEEEE~!!!!!! ok ... bye! XD