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04 July 2011 @ 08:00 am
Two Different Worlds (Chapter 6)  
Title: Two Different Worlds
Author: seriin1226
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Yamada Ryosuke X OC (Michou Makoto)
Summary: Michou was a popular teen popstar, and wanted her life to be normal... until she had an accident,and had an amnesia and met a guy named Yamada Ryosuke, and suddenly fell in love with him, Yamada Ryosuke is a handsome also have some features of a typical popstar, but he don't want to be a popstar,and really hates people in showbiz world...

Kenbo went to the girls bathroom, Rira suddenly appeared in front of her.
Kenbo startled "Ah gomenasai Kenbo chan" said Rira chan in sweet voice
"Aren't you the girl who bullied me because of Yama-chan?" Kenbo tilted her head
"Aha~! I lost out of control there. i didn't really mean to hurt you.... Besides, I want to invite you to my birthday party! It's today" Rira handed the invitation to Kenbo.
"Arigatou." said Kenbo with confused emotions.
"I would be happy if you could bring all of your friends too.." Rira said and Kenbo nodded.
"Well, i must be going then.. See you!" and she ran off.
"Weird...." Kenbo said to herself.
~In classroom~
Kenbo walked slyly towards to her seat.
"Kenbo..." someone whispered behind her she looked around and saw her teacher standing there.
"Yabai.." Kenbo whispered to herself and she smiled sweetly to her teacher "Sensei, i was just looking for my books...." Kenbo laughed a little.
"I see... Did you found what you are looking for?" the teacher asked.
"Never mind, i will just find it later ne..." she smiled as she dashed until she reaches her seat and saw a little box on top of her table.. She opened it and saw a pendant with a star in it.
"So pretty!" she said as she keeps on mesmerizing on the pendant.
She looked around in the classroom to find out who have given her the pendant.
"Hm, must be Yamada ne~" she smiled as she wore the pendant unto her neck

~After Class~

Kenbo is waiting for Yamada at the school gates to thank him for the pendant.

"Kenbo chan!!" Kenbo looked around and saw Rira running towards her.
"Ah,Rira chan." Kenbo bowed
"Your coming right?" Rira smiled to her.
"Ummm, is it really today? It's kind of a sudden." Kenbo said
"It's okay. Yamada will be there ne~ So don't worry about going home." Rira placed her hand on Kenbo's shoulder "Besides, Yamada is there right now, that's why i'm here~ " she said
"Souka?" Kenbo said still unsure.
"C'mon, it will be fun ne~~" Rira winked as she walked first
"Hm, should i?" Kenbo mumbled into herself, she sighed and followed Rira.

~In Rira's house~

"We are here! Come on in" Rira said as they went inside.. saw a bunch of students,with buffet table, balloons, everything that you can see in a normal party.
"Your house is humongous!" Kenbo said
Rira smirk "Let's go see Yamada and the others ne" 
They went to the place where Yamada and the others are.
"Yama-chan" Kenbo called,Yamada's eyes widened.
"Let's blow the caaakkee!!" Rira said cutting off the sentence of Yamada.
The students gathered up together on the cake table.
She lit up the candles. And sang Happy Birthday song
"Before you blow the cake you have to make a wish first!" one of the student said
Rira took a deep breathe "I wish that all of the problems in my life would disappear." she said as she glanced at Kenbo and blew the candle.

Group of people in smart suit came barging in the house and held on Kenbo tight.

"Thank you for calling us and informing us on Michou Makoto, Yamada san." said the one with the smart suit approached Yamada.
Yamada was dead struck standing there and can't even say a word
"Nani?" Kenbo said confused.
"We explain everything on the way Michou Makoto san, but now we have to go.." They took Kenbo inside their car and left.
"Chotto!! Kenbo chaann!!" Yamada is all back into his senses. and chased the car...
"Kenbo chaaann!!" he screamed tears are trailing down on his face...
The car drove far away and Yamada lied on the road panting and crying...
"Please come back..." he muttered.
Riinchaanriinchaan on July 20th, 2011 05:34 pm (UTC)
I bet Rira told those people about Kenbo being Michou ): .
Go get her Yamada~!!