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26 May 2011 @ 08:19 pm
Two Different Worlds (Chapter 5)  
Title: Two Different Worlds
Author: seriin1226
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Yamada Ryosuke X OC (Michou Makoto)
Summary: Michou was a popular teen popstar, and wanted her life to be normal... until she had an accident,and had an amnesia and met a guy named Yamada Ryosuke, and suddenly fell in love with him, Yamada Ryosuke is a handsome also have some features of a typical popstar, but he don't want to be a popstar,and really hates people in showbiz world...

"Today in Tokyo was fun!" said Kenbo while jumping up and down on her futon.
"Can i go to sleep now?" said Yamada looking at Kenbo with his tired eyes.
"But, you mother and father is not home yet, I'm scared" said Kenbo while hugging her pillow tight like a cute child.
"What are you scared of?" Yamada asked
"There might be monsters under my bed." she said shivering.
"Why would monsters go under your bed? You don't even have a bed.It's futon" said Yamada
"Futon and bed are the same!" said Kenbo and she threw the pillow to Yamada.
"Whatever, i'm going to sleep." said Yamada and Kenbo stopped her.
"Wait, please stay." Kenbo's voice was trembling.
"Why?" his body faced to Kenbo and she suddenly felt nervous.
"....Nothing." Kenbo answered and she sat down on her futon.
Yamada noticed that something is bothering her.
He sat close to Kenbo.
"What's wrong?" asked Yamada in a husky voice.
"You think i shouldn't have ran away from that man earlier?" Kenbo said
"Hm, i don't even know why you ran away."he said
"I felt that there is something that bugs me, and i should talk to him. But how? After i ran away, i don't think that i will see him again." said Kenbo and rest her face on her palm.
"It's okay." said Yamada trying to comfort her.
"I'm just wondering who is that crazy old man your talking about, and why are they keep calling you 'Michou'?" Yamada asked.
Kenbo looked at him "That crazy old man is telling me weird stuffs, and he is calling me by the name of 'Michou', just like that man." she said.
"Does 'Michou' sound familiar to you?" Yamada asked.
"Yes, it kinda do seem familiar." she said, and she have a sudden head ache.
"Kenbo, Are you okay?!" Yamada panicked seeing Kenbo in pain.
And Kenbo suddenly feel better.
"Sorry, my headache got worser than i thought" she chuckled.
"You should rest." said Yamada.
"Yeah, maybe i should." she said as she lied on the futon, Yamada was about to leave.
"Don't leave.Please" she begged, Yamada came back and sat on the side of the futon.
"Thank you." Kenbo smiled softly at Yamada and she slept. and Yamada have no choice and he slept beside Kenbo.

~Morning next day~

Yamada woke up by the doorbell. He opened the door.
"Yamada Ryosuke?" said the man standing in front of him
"You have Michou Makoto there with you?" said the man
"What? Who is that?" Yamada asked curiously and he suddenly remembered the name 'Michou-sama' that the guy called Kenbo on the other day.
"I must have got the wrong person, i'm very sorry, i was tracking every person that is possible to get in reach with Michou Makoto-san." said the man."Sorry again,i'll be taking my leave."
"Wait!" Yamada said
"I was wondering who is Michou Makoto."
"The only information we can tell you is that she is a popular pop star.Especially here in Japan."
Yamada was shocked by what he had heard.
"I don't really know her, but by any chance,can you tell me more about her?"
The man handed a picture. Yamada looked at it.
"It's her." he murmured himself
"Are you saying something Yamada-san?"
"Ah, Iie, I was just mesmerized by her beauty, what happened to her?" he curiously asked.
"She was about to go to the prime minister office for a meeting....."
"And then..?" the man took a deep breathe.
"That night, the driver took a break for awhile in the shop, leaving Michou behind. And Michou accidentally hit the shift knob and the car moved exactly right at the river, we couldn't find her body. We told to the press that she is already dead. But then months had past after the accident, the driver called us, and told us that he had seen Michou in the Tokyo yesterday, so we quickly gather all informations, and that's how i got here."
Yamada began to be speechless.
"If any chance you might seen that girl in the picture,please call us immediately." said the man and gave Yamada his calling card.
"Sorry for disturbing your territory, Thank you." he bowed down and stepped in to his car and leave.

Yamada hid the calling card on his pocket.

Yamada rushed through Kenbo's room.
"Eh! Kenbo your awake!"
"Why so shock?"
Yamada hugged her without saying a word.
"Yama-chan, doushitano?" Kenbo asked confused.
"If ever you have your memory back, will you leave me?" Yamada said sounded like he was gonna broke into tears.
"What are you talking about? Hahaha! Your crazy, of course i wouldn't you, kaa-chan,tou-san... are my family now.. i can't leave you all." Kenbo said.
"Really?" Yamada sniffed.
Kenbo laughed "Really."
Yamada hugged her even more.
"So don't cry ne~ It doesn't suit you!" said Kenbo while patting his back.
"Kenbo-chan, i want to make this earlier ne~" said Yamada.
"Nani?" Yamada let go of her and faced her.
"I just don't want you to be my family, i want to be your life also."
"What? i don't understand?" Kenbo scoffed.
"I like you Kenbo." Yamada said. Kenbo blushed
"Why? It's okay, i'm not rushing.. I can wait until you like me back." Yamada said.
"But...... I already like you."Kenbo shouted.
"Eh?" Yamada's eyes widened and gave her a wide grin
"Your shocked again! Don't be like that. Or i'll take it back." she stuck out her tongue.
"But you screamed.. Oh alright." Yamada said trying to act normal as possible but his happiness is still showing.
"Hahaha! Just kidding. No matter how hard you hide it, it still shows." Kenbo whispered and she hugged Yamada.

~Next Day~

"You two look sweet." said Takanaga.
"Yada!" Kenbo said
"I'm itching all over here." Takanaga teased them.
"Your just jealous!" Yamada said.
"Maa~ I'am." Takanga said
And there is an awkward silence.
"Nanchatte!" Takanaga laughed and the two joined him.

"Just wait and see stealer,Smile and laugh all you want, sooner you wouldn't get to see Yamada anymore." Rira muttered herself while looking at Kenbo
Riinchaanriinchaan on May 30th, 2011 05:20 pm (UTC)
So close for them finding Kenbo/Michou !